Enter the beautiful realm of Onaji, where a rain of tiles tilt and roll into place, creating a fresh color matching challenge with each level. Easy to play, difficult to master strategy keeps all ages engaged. A soothing zen atmosphere invites you to relax, allowing your mind to focus on the addictive pachinko-like gameplay.


Hints & Tips

  • If six of the same tiles are together in a perfect hexagon, tapping it will generate an Onaji tile. Creating a hexagon of Onaji tiles completes the level, but without careful planning it’s easy to clutter things up. To avoid the clutter, aim to form hexagons of the same color tiles as those below the hex, that way none will be left behind and trapped afterwards.
  • Go for points or try and complete each challenge in record time - it’s your choice! Onaji’s immersive, open ended design encourages you to make your own mini-games out of the soothing gameplay.

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